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Hiding from Henry…

I’m finding Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady hard going, a few thoughts on his style so far..

H-arasses every detail
E-ven the beating of a moth’s wings is un-missed
N-ever ending words
R-enders the eyes and brain tired
Y-earning for the end

J-uxpostion of characters
A-rbitrarily ambiguous
M-angled text damaged by psychological analysis
E-nding easy to see (at this point anyway)
S-ocial custom and commentary obsessed

lets hope it improves with the pages.. simply put its about a headstrong, independent American woman who lands in England to pursue her destiny and has to keep her wits on guard against wily Englishmen.

Quite similar to time my time overseas to be honest, exchanging the American part for Australian :p

The only part I’m really enjoying right now is the cross dissection of english culture and the lead character, Isabel’s headstrong nature.

One of the top lines so far:

“The Husband of the elder (sister), Lord Haycock was a very good fellow but unfortunately a horrid tory and his wife, like all good English wives, was worse than her husband.”

…ouch! more scathing wit from Isabel to come I hope!





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