One girl's journey to read the top 100 literature classics of all time in the space of 365 days, a quest for only the most foolhardy and brave

So far, So good..

Just a quick list of books I’ve read so far and a quick dirty review:

Quick review: Reading this is akin to indulging in a bath of literary chocolate. Fitzgerald dazzles and entices with his glittering tale of Gatsby and his circumspect circle of friends.

Quick review: Hemingway at his best. Man vs the Sea and the Sea wins. Epic prose and characterisation. Love. Love Love.

Quick review: As a newcomer to Vonnegut I loved this one. Think The Time Traveller’s Wife set in WW2 with an alien abduction thrown in along the way. It’s beyond strange but completely enjoyable. Dark, funny, ironic and insightful.

Quick review: A dark and at times depressing story from Fitzgerald in where a pretty rich girl partners up with a rich man. By rich, meaning he’s never had to work a day in his life and doesn’t intend to. He plans to be a man of leisure. Partying and decadence are their daily routine until the money starts to dry up and their marriage crumbles along with their youth.

Quick review: Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Up and coming couple in the New York socialite circle face testing times when a new, alluring woman arrives in town. Interesting tale of what ifs and maybes and the knots people time themselves into in a bid to find happiness.

Quick review: A naively innocent young woman travels to England and finds herself made wealthy by a family member. She spends far too much of the book introvertly analysing her behaviour, morals and the people around her. She is obsessed with doing the right thing, even to the sacrifice of her own happiness. Moral of the story being good, doesn’t always bring goodness or gladness.

Quick review: Think of the film Castaway only instead of Tom hanks, it’s the group of bullies out of Stephen King’s Carrie novel who are stuck on an island, they are pint-sized, meaner and crazier. Excellent suspenseful writing which immerse the reader neck-deep in the paranoia and chaos.

Quick review: “Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins’. As the title and opening line suggests, this is an uncomfortable book  to read. In fact Lolita is one of the hardest books I’ve ever read. The haunting yearnings of a middle-aged man for his pre-pubescent 12-year-old step daughter. Yuck and double Yuck. Tough read and one to challenge the strongest of stomachs.

Quick review:  Want to walk with Hemingway as he traverses the seedy underbelly of cafe life and jazz bars in Paris, the Pyrenees and then Pamplona with his affluent group of friends? Pick up the Sun Also Rises. Exquisite prose, delicate characterisation make this a joy to read.

Quick review: Waugh uses his ribald wit and satirical insight as a journalist to fire a deadly aim at the world of newspapers and the journalistic profession. This is an enjoyable tongue in cheek romp which pokes fun at the sometimes seedy and scandalous world of news making.


Quick review: A 1970’s novel you could swear was set in our time about a generation which has completely lost its way into a sea of violence, gang warfare and brutality. Everyone loves a quick fix to a social problem and this book shows just what happens when that quick fix goes wrong.

Quick Review:   Ever wanted to find yourself and ending up searching for it through men? This is what this girl does, only she lucks out meeting one as charming as Mr Darcy himself only better with words.



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