One girl's journey to read the top 100 literature classics of all time in the space of 365 days, a quest for only the most foolhardy and brave

The Rules

So now the not so fun part. I can’t agree to reading a whole list of books without setting some ground rules first. Just a few, but enough to stop me cutting corners..

1) As of 16/01/11 I will read nothing but books from the top 100 list

2) At no point can I read forwards, introductions, reading notes or movie adaptations of any of the books

3) I will do my best not to start talking like I’m from the Jane Austen/Fitzgerald type era, revealing myself as a complete book nerd in public

4) I will avoid the temptation of reading any of the new top 100 best seller books and the only books allowed are recipe books and magazines. They are mainly pictures after all 😛


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